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Iranian Civilization and Islam - (Can Iran recover from Islam?)

Civilizations Destroyed By Islam:

Civilizations in Arabian Peninsula: 1. Nabatian Kingdom 2. Hejaz Civilization 3. Heira Kingdom (Protectorate of Persian Empire) 4. Yemenese Civilization (Protectorate of Persian Empire) 5. Lakhmid Kingdom 6. Mazun State Society (Protectorate of Persian Empire) 7. Humyarite Kingdom 8. Hadramaut Civilization

Civilizations in Africa: 1. Egyptian Empire 2. Carthaginian Empire (Tunis) 3. Siranaeek Kingdom (Libya) 4. Nubian Kingdom (Sudan)

Civilizations in Asia: 1. Phoenician Civilization (Lebanon) 2. Sham Civilization (Syria, Colony of Rome) 3. Anatolia (Turkey, Colony of Rome)

Civilizations Struggling Not To Die: 1. Persian Empire (Present Iran)

We have been struggling with Islam for 1400 years now. We are still alive! Lets keep our holy Persian Culture alive so we will not join the long list of old civilizations extinct by the Islam & presently called "Just another Arab Muslim State"!

the reason we are still alive is that we still have our:

Persian Language Persian Traditions Persian Celebrations (Norouz, Mehregan, Sadeh, Yalda Night, Chahar Shanbe Souri, Sizda Be Dar, etc.) Persian Values Persian Philosophy (Zoroastrianism, etc.) Persian Literature Persian Traditional Music Persian Poetry (Ferdousi, etc.) Persian History

Yazdgird III, Rostam Farokhzad, Apranik, Babak-e Khoramdin, Maziar, Banoo, Negan, Abu Moslem, Yaqoob Leise Saffari, Ferdousi Toosi, Dr. Ahmad Kasravi, Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, Dr. Cyrus Elahi, General Ayat Mohaqeqi & thousands of others did not die in vein. Prove it that they did not die in vein.

They died so Iran could live, so Iran would not become another Arab Muslim Nation, another Iranistan (Pahlavi II), another Cesspool.

10. Lets take a good look at the fundamentals of Islam, what has Islam brought to us Persians? A Religion of Terror which openly preaches martyrdom & destruction of all Non Muslim's (exact verses of Quran listed on other articles of IPC) lives & property, a prophet who was a thief, bandit, assassin, murderer, rapist, child molester, & most of all a charlatan! The most fanatical, ignorant, superstitious religion which ever existed in the whole world! What is the true legacy of Islam?

Aba: Islamic Cape Amameh: Turban Ghaba: another Islamic cover Hejab: women's covering Chaghchoor: women's head cover Charghad: Islamic Scarf Lachak: Traditional Islamic Scarf Roobandeh: Women's face cover Maghana'eh: Women's specific head cover Chador: Veil Giveh: Islamic shoes Nalein: Islamic Flip Flop Aftabeh: Islamic toilet Pitcher Tonban: Islamic Pajama Quran: A 1500 years old pile of garbage torn paper, creation of a sick evil charlatan's mind called Muhammad the Bandit. Muhammad: the prophet of terror himself, a delusional, epileptic, schizophrenic, pedophile, child molester, murderer, assassin, rapist, assaulter of women, female slave holder, criminal charlatan! and of course, 1400 years full of history of blood, murder & terror, Islamic Style, which we are still involved with it specially during the last 22 & 1/2 years as we know it as the Islamic Republic of Iran! And we are still denying that the true Islam is not what IRI practices or Taliban practices, but the true Islam is beautiful as Roses & holier than the holy! Give yourselves a break & open your eyes & mind & smell the true stench of Islam all around you & not just inside the mosque!

11. Do you possibly believe that it is only us, the historians that know of the true nature of Islam? do not kid yourselves! Do you really believe that the President of United States, the Vice, & as a matter of fact the whole government of United States & rest of the Western & civilized world does not know of the true nature of Islam?! Of course they do! All logical knowledgeable politicians do know about the true nature of Islam. Then you might ask that why are they saying & pretending that the true Islam is innocent & all these terrorist movements are sacrilege to Allah & Islam?! I tell you why!

US & The West cannot possibly declare war on Islam & all Muslim. It will be a loosing battle, the same battle that the communism lost, the same battle that USSR lost! Religion is so deep in the blood of the masses & Islam is proposing itself as a religion; therefore, it will be disastrous to fight against people's religion. Remember that religion is the opiate of the masses!

Another reason that the West specifically US, will not declare a war on Islam, is that the best way to fight this so called religion & a dangerous political ideology, is to attack the very roots of it & not the pretty branches of it! By roots, I mean the Fundamentalist Islam which is the original Islam & by the pretty branches, I mean the Neo Islam which is trying to sell the civilized face of Islam to the world. If the West manages to destroy the world wide terrorism of the Islamic kind, it will manage to destroy the fundamentalist Islam & that is where Islam gets it's power from. Once the roots of an ideology is destroyed, the branches shall fall! Neo Islam of the modern Muslims like Shariati, Soroush, Bazargan & Yazdi is nothing but a beautiful facade without a content. Once you take the fundamentals of this ideology out of it, then you have to revise it, & revisionism is worst than the "Death of an Ideology"! the destruction of Soviet Union started when they started to revise Communism. First they revised a bit here & a bit there, until there was nothing left of Leninism & Stalinism. And next thing you know, Communism, Russian style, died out! The power of Islam comes from it's fundamentals, it's fanatical beliefs to control the cattle-like masses of illiterate people & to keep the masses ignorant. Once you take that out of Islam, there will be nothing left but the liquidy Soda Pop Islam of Shariati which is a revision of Islam & an insult to the true Islam. By then, most of the battle will be already fought for!

So have in mind that to declare war on the whole Islam, is nothing but a bad tactic to achieve the ultimate strategy of winning the war against Islam. So why not separate the two Islam to the:

Good Islam, Revised Islam, Neo Islam, True Islam, Holy Islam & Bad Islam, Fundamentalist Islam, Fanatical Islam, Fake Islam, Terrorist Islam

And by the end, when the world's battle against Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorism is done & it will be won, then there will be nothing left of the Islam, but only a facade wallpaper made of revised meaningless confused politically correct Islam of the Modern Neo Islamists which does not even look, sound, or tastes like Islam! And of course this is the best way to get rid of the power of this ideology, divide it in two fractions of fundamentalist & moderate or reformist & then just sit & watch them eat each other alive & chew each other out! Politics at it's best with a spice of logic! So West, specifically US, is doing the best tactic that they can play for the ultimate strategy of weakening Islam & making it loose it's credibility. It is all well calculated my friends.

12. Why is Islam & Islamic nations way behind the world? As I, mentioned in the past, we can notice many reasons:

a. Lack of individual freedom in Islam. b. Lack of independence of free thought in Islam. c. Renaissance happened in Europe, but it never happened in Islamic Nations! There was a Martin Luther in the West, but there was never one in Islamic world! d. Islam did not give anything to history of human civilization, but it only took & took from the cultures which it destroyed, until there was nothing left to take!

Lets expand on this, When Islam invaded the civilized world, it took over one of the two major super powers (Persia) & it took over all Asian colonies of the other one (Rome). Now, if at the time, Islam had a great navy & capability to invade Europe through Constantinaple, & during it's golden days, then Italy would have been also a Shiite Hole like Iran! Thanks & many fortunes that they could not invade main land Europe back then, or the whole Europe would also end up as backwarded as the Muslim states are! Europe would have ended up being as the middle east or North Africa now!

When Islam took over the so many of the world's civilizations, it had nothing to give, yet it had everything to take & gain. If we study the whole history of Islamic Empire in it's glory days, we will notice that the whole Empire ran by the ingenuity of the occupied country's specialists. All the people who ran the Islamic Empire from scientists, politicians, poets, artists, philosophers, writers, etc. were mostly Persian & leastly from other destroyed occupied civilizations under Islam like Egypt, Cartage or Phoenicia! The Arab Savage Barbarians of the peninsula truly had nothing to offer! Due to the reactionary & oppressive nature of Islam, the Islamic Regime did not let any new creative ingenuity to grow in the Empire, yet purposely, it helped killing every ounce of ingenuity & intellectualism which bloomed in the region! Finally all these bloomed flowers from the occupied nations died out & there were nobody else to replace them! suddenly there were left only, Arabs & their oppressed occupied mongrelized nations under occupation with no present or future sign of ingenuity or creation, & thats when Islamic world died out & fell behind the progressive world.

Many, mistakenly name the major Persian minds as Arabic or Islamic! Minds like:

Omar Khayam father of Algebra, Modern Astronomy, & a famous poet Zakaria Razi father of Chemistry Ebne Sina father of Medicine Kharazmi, Birooni, & so many more were all Persian.

Please do not give the credit to Arabs or Muslims! Look at the Moorish example, for about 800 years Moors owned Spain & Iberian Peninsula. The first 400 years, were the glory days of Islam due to the fact that Persians & other defeated civilization's bright minds were carrying the burden of running the Islamic Empire. Even, Booran (Pretty) The Persian Prime Minister of Islamic Empire during Khalifat of Mamoon the Abassids dynasty, during the occupation of Iran by Arab oppressors, daughter of Hassan Sahl was Persian. Yes even the prime minister of Islamic Empire was a Persian Woman! How odd can it get?! the oppressed women of Iran by the evil of Islam, have sent their candidate to the main court house of the Khalifat to rule! and that is what Persian women are made of! during the first 400 years, all the different local khalifats were sending the share of the central Khalifat of Baghdad to the capital, they were all together pillaging & stealing the world, blind! They were united & strong, but during the second 400 years, every little local Khalifat started singing their own songs, & did not send Baghdad's share to them! they all got separated without the support of Baghdad, they all got weak, even the Baghdad Khalifat! And eventually the last strong hold in Europe, the Khalifat of Granada in Spain surrendered & people like El Sid & Queen Isabelle kicked out the last of Muslims out of Iberia. Moorish Empire of Berbers & Arabs destroyed itself in a way & this finished the 800 years of Muslim supremacy in Iberia including Portugal, Spain, & once even as far as the middle of France! Now Muslim Arab Barbarians just occupied Iran for 171 years & finally got kicked out by The Great Yaghoob-e Leis-e Saffari of Saffarids Dynasty, the greatest freedom fighter of them all & the freedom fighting masses of Iran, yet the roots of oppression & the rotting mentality & corps of Islam remained in Iran & in Iranian's brains until it destroyed Iran once more @ 1979 by Khomeini & his Islamic Reaction!


As an Iranian, If (or when) time comes to choose between 'Islam or Iran', which one will you support?

Islam 8.2%

Iran 91.8%

Total votes: 13213

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