Saturday, February 28, 2009

Islam As A Vehicle For Arab Imperialism: The Case Of The Berbers

by Hugh Fitzgerald

If the American government wished to fight a war of self-defense against those who wage Jihad, not only against America, but against all non-Muslim states and peoples, sometimes across national borders, sometimes within Infidel states, it would surely take the time to identify the possible points of purchase that would help to divide and demoralize the Camp of Islam.

Since 80% of the world's Muslims are non-Arabs, and since in Islam the Arabs are the best of peoples, and the Sunnah merely reflects the customs of seventh (or eighth or even ninth) century Arabs, and since, furthermore, Muslims are supposed to read the Qur'an in Arabic (the only version that truly counts), and take Arabic names, and face Mecca, in Arabia, five times a day, and in many other ways become sedulous apes of the Arabs, it would surely be useful to make those non-Arabs Muslims aware, by speaking and writing openly about, the linguistic and cultural, and other forms of imperialism by the Arabs, for which Islam is, and always has been, the vehicle.

Take the Berbers, for example, and their campaign, especially in the Kabyle region of Algeria, to be able to speak and be taught in their own language, Tamazight. The riots in Tizi-Ouzou and elsewhere for such linguistic rights (now finally, and reluctantly, granted by the Algerian Arabs), the Berber websites that rightly denounce the Arabs and their "invasion" of North Africa, the way in which Christianity is spreading among some Berbers, because resentment of the Arabs nautrally weakens the hold of Islam, all of this causes the Arabs to worry. And in France itself, it is among the Berbers that the French intelligence services, have found the recruits necessary to monitor the larger Muslim, chiefly Arab, population.

Here, from piece that reflects the worry of the Arabs over

Berber loyalty lies. Does it lie, blindly, in reflexive hatred of the Jews? Is the Arab war on Israel really the war of the Berbers? Even as early as the 1960s a Berber writer was expressing sympathy for Israel. Should not this kind of thing be noted, and in every way encouraged? Do the Infidels not have a stake in spreading the word, everywhere, that Islam is a handmaiden of Arab imperialism, and then in spelling out -- it's not hard to do -- exactly how it performs that function? For no Berber, no Kurd, no black African Muslim in Darfur can deny that the Arabs have treated them badly, even at times engaged in murder or mass murder. Let the reasons for this Arab supremacist attitude, rooted in the texts and history of Islam, be more widely understood.

Go to it, Pentagon, go to it, State Department. You have nothing to lose, and a world to win.

Posted on 12:32 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Moslems are NOT "The New Jews!" They are . . .

. . . the enemies of their "host countries," instead of enriching them, they suck the life-blood out of their hosts, and like true parasites end up by taking them over and using the body of the host to sustain them . . .

Gates of Vienna: The Islamophobia Machine:

" . . . a familiar meme: Muslims in the West face the same threat today from their host societies that Jews did in the 1930s. The Muslims are the new Jews, and the Islamophobes who object to them are the same as the Nazis.

As has often been pointed out, there are holes in this argument big enough to ride a camel through.
- - - - - - - - -
First of all, the Jews in the 1930s were almost suicidally non-violent. They did not publicly abuse their gentile neighbors. They made no threats against the community or the state. They did not start riots or blow things up because of their religious beliefs. The anti-Semitism that was so prevalent at time owed nothing to any rational fear of Jewish violence.

Secondly, in contrast to the Nazis, there is no official state-sanctioned anti-Islamic policy in the non-Muslim world. Quite the opposite, in fact: the governments of the West generally bow and scrape before Islam in an attempt to fend off more violent attacks."


"Western publishers have all gotten the message by now. Publishing books that “insult Islam” can be unprofitable, expensive, and even life-threatening. If they are not already established best-sellers, authors who wish to publish Counterjihad books can either self-publish or forget the idea.

Visit a Barnes and Noble or Borders and look at the books about Islam. If you care to take the time, add up the numbers of pro-Islamic and anti-Islamic titles.

The last time I did so —in the airport in Toronto last fall — the gushing pro-Islam books outnumbered the anti-Islam books by at least ten to one. The press is engaged in an organized whitewash on behalf of the Religion of Peace."

And now . . . Meine Damen und Herren . . . Trommelwirbel . . .

Letter to the Germans

[First published at the original Islamic Danger on Tuesday, September 26, 2006. Includes the link to the famous The Downfall of the Netherlands ('De ondergang van Nederland') Land of the Naive Fools by Mohammed Rasoel]

[Reprinted at Islamic Danger 2U]

A Letter to the Germans from one who cares for the well-being of the German nation and of all of Europe:



Moslems are not the Jews!

Some of you might not be too comfortable with what happened to the Jews of Europe some sixty years ago. You are perhaps concerned about offending the sensibilities of another group in your midst--let me warn you: Don't be! Do not bend over backwards to accomodate Islamics. They will eat you alive!

You see my dear German friends: The MOSLEMS ARE NOT LIKE THE JEWS. Islam is NOT A RELIGION like the one the Jews practice, quietly without infringing on anybody's rights.

Islam is an ideology that demands all othes knuckle under to it. They--the Islamics (I like that term it's sort of a contraction of Islam and clerics--get it? Islamics)--the Islamics are not like Jews. Islamics make demands: they want this, they want that, they want head scarves obligatory for all females, not only Islamic ones. They want mosques everywhere, blaring out the muezzin's call to prayer to the faithful, so foreign to European ears.

Islamics would prefer pork were not sold or eaten, it offends them. They do not want women wearing revealing clothes (it might excite the oh-so-pure-in-thought Moslem males and cause them to lose control and --well--you know what they do then).

But they demand. They are insulted. Their prophet is insulted. Their pride is insulted.

German, do not feel bad about not giving in to any--to all--of their demands for apologies for not observing Islamic customs yourselves.

Stand up to them. These are not Jews that you may want to handle with kid gloves because of memories that are not quite comfortable yet.

Do not coddle the Islamics to make up for what was done by prior generations to the Jews.

No. Islamics are not Jews and you can--you should stand up to them. Refuse their demands. Who are they, these foreign "Asylum seekers" and what have you, to make demands on the citizens of the country that took them in?

They should be grateful for what you have done for them, but they are not. They threaten, they whine, they rage, they want you to cringe,

You see, my dear Germans, they are not Jews. What Jews would have tried to intimidate the citizen of their host country?

Islamics want you to be afraid of them, to fear their rage, their threats of throat slittings and head off-choppings (abzuhacken). They want you to fold up and let Eurabia become the reality not the goal. Eurabia now! They want. "We will get it, never you fear. We will outbreed you. we will have you living under our 'protection.'" (or not at all.)

Germans, don't you see: These are not the Jews about you might have an uneasy conscience. Don't worry, you can resist them. Do not let them play on your perhaps subconscious feelings

By being so sensitive to the sensibilities of the Islamics, you are not being kind to the memory of the Jews that not only made no demands, certainly did not try to strike fear in your hearts , spoke your language fluently, contributed to your literature even, your music, your art, and did not insist that their laws and customs be followed by Germans.

Whence comes your reluctance, Germans, to stand up to those who refuse to be part of you but want you to become part of them or be their "Untermenschen?"

Well, from a Moslem himself you might be surprised to learn. A Moslem who dare not use his name nor reveal himself in the country that accepted him and treated him as a human being: one of your fellow European countries, Holland.

Here is what he writes:

"There they stand, the Dutch with their completely justified and without doubt noble striving to dissociate themselves as far away as possible from Hitler's ideology. Completely blind to the fact that their path circles back to the other end at the Jews (with all due respect). The poor devils continue to misunderstand that a choice isn't necessarily between the Nazis or the Jews, predator or prey, oppressor or victim, but that there is an alternative, a third road, which is save yourself and guarantee the continuance of your own culture and your own country. It's simply this one, tiny misunderstanding, that will make the Dutch go down in history as the people who thought so deeply about a nightmare from the past that they ended up becoming that nightmare."

- Mohammed Rasoel

vom dem Buch

The Downfall of the Netherlands
['De ondergang van Nederland']

Land of the Naive Fools

by Mohammed Rasoel [or Rasool]
Translation courtesy of Faust

So, you see, my dear Germans, do not make the mistake that he accuses the Netherlanders (die Hollaender) of having made. Do not make amends for what happened to the Jews of Europe of yesteryear by knuckling under to the Islamics of today.

[Please, my Dear Germans, remember the valiant Mohammed Rasoel's admonition:

["save yourself and guarantee the continuance of your own culture and your own country" ]

Remember what the Danes said to the Islamics that threated and demanded after the cartoons appeared in Denmark.

If you cannot recall, let me refresh your memory:

After the Mohammed Cartoons, the Danes begged the Islamics's pardon for having offended them. Their apology is non pareil--without parallel-- in the annals of European-Islamic relations. And here it is in all its simple beauty:

The Excuse of the Danes for the Cartoons that offended the sensibilities of the Islamics in Denmark first and of course of all Islamics in the world, who apparently are always waiting for an incident that they can pounce upon and give vent to their inborn rage.

(If you have seen this before, bear with me please. Reread the the abject apology of the Danes to the Islamics.)

Here it is:

We're Sorry

(Auch gut fuer die muslime der ganzen Welt die in unsern Laendern uns das Blut aussaugen)

We´re sorry we gave you shelter when war drove you from your home country....

We´re sorry we took you in when others rejected you....

We´re sorry we gave you the opportunity to get a good education....

We´re sorry we gave you food and a home when you had none....

We´re sorry we let you re-unite with your family when your homeland was no longer safe...

We´re sorry we never forced you to work while WE paid all your bills....

We´re sorry we gave you almost FREE rent,phone,internet,car and school for your 10 kids...

We´re sorry we build you Mosques so you could worship your religion in our Christian land...

We´re sorry we never forced you to learn our language after staying 30 years!...

And so....from all Danes to the entire Muslim world, we just wanna say:

F**K YOU!!

(This apology also applies to all the Islamics of the world that have been sucking the life-blood from the nations that gave them asylum, or shelter, and welcomed them as "new citizens.")

--from the Book "Hurra, wir kapitulieren" by Henryk M. Broder

To be certain that all Germans, whether they are proficient in English or not understand this abject apology from the deeply sorry Danes, it is reprinted in their native language, in German, here:

Es tut uns leid, dass wir euch aufgenommen haben, als andere euch ablehnten...

Es tut uns leid, dass wir euch die Gelegenheit gaben, einen gute Ausbildung zu erhalten...

Es tut uns leid, dass wir euch Essen und ein Zuhause gaben, als Ihr keines von beiden hattet...

Es tut uns leid, dass wir eure Familie nachkommen ließen, als eure Heimatländer nicht mehr sicher waren...

Es tut uns leid, dass wir euch nie zur Arbeit gezwungen haben, während wir alle eure Rechnungen bezahlt haben...

Es tut uns leid, dass wir euch in unseren Sozialwohnungen wohnen ließen, euch Telefone, Internet, Autos und Schulbildung für eure zehn Kinder gaben...

Es tut uns leid, dass wir Euch erlaubt haben Eure Moscheen in unserem christlichen Land zu bauen, damit Ihr Eurem Glauben nachgehen könnt...

Es tut uns leid, dass wir Euch in den 30 Jahren die Ihr bei uns lebt, nie gezwungen haben, unsere Sprache zu lernen...

Deshalb, ...von allen Dänen an die gesamte moslemische Welt, nur ein einziges:

F**K YOU!!

[es ist schwer die letzten zwei Worte auf Deutsch zu uebersetzen. Villeicht kann mir jemand damit helfen. Danke sehr.]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Destruction and Desecration in Ayodhya

Back in 2005 I touched briefly on the destruction of a Hindu temple in Ayodhya by the Moghul emperor Aurangzeb. The desecration of Ayodhya was part of a vast project of devastation and massacre perpetrated by the Muslim invaders upon the Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs of India over a span over several hundred years.The legions of the Prophet cut swaths of destruction across the Hindu heartland in the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, destroying temples, carrying off booty, and massacring millions of infidels. The mujahideen heaped up literal mountains of skulls in their pious zeal. They enslaved those whom they did not kill, and destroyed the magnificent sacred architecture and art of Hindu civilization that lay in their path.

Considering the Indian treasures that managed to survive the Muslim onslaught, it is heartrending to contemplate what was lost, since what remains is only a fraction of what once was. This deliberate wanton destruction of a civilization was not a byproduct of greed: it was the very purpose of Islam itself. Mass murder of infidels and the destruction of all “idols” remain the primary function of pious Muslims when they are unencumbered by any external restraints.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The enormity of India’s struggle against the Great Jihad is daunting for a Westerner to come to grips with. The consequences that befell India in the wake of the Islamic juggernaut exceeded those of any European country by at least an order of magnitude. And the struggle continues to this day: the Muslim population of India is currently eight to ten times larger than in the whole of Europe, and is growing relative to India’s other ethnic groups.

So I’m grateful that Dharmaveer at Thoughts of a nationalist Indian has agreed to post a series of articles about the Muslim invasions of India. In a recent post he outlined the history of Ayodhya, Babar’s demolition of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple complex: The gloating Muslim accountsTo the western world, an iconic image of Islamic aggression is the conversion of the Hagia Sophia — Eastern Christendom’s greatest church — into a mosque by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet. It was his first act upon entering the conquered city of Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1493AD.It is relatively unknown in the western world that a mere 35 years later, in 1528AD, his fellow Turk — Zahir ud-din Babar, the founder of the Moghul empire in India, and a descendant of Tamerlane — demolished one of Hinduism’s greatest temple complexes, and erected a mosque in its place, which is known in India as the Babri Masjid (Babar’s mosque).It is the purpose of this article to give my western readers a glimpse into this act of destruction, and to provide further evidence of the compulsive aggression and profanity of Islam.Through the centuries of brutal Islamic rule over India, tens of thousands of Hindu temples were destroyed and mosques built at their sites. In northern India, which was under Islamic rule for a longer period of time, hardly any temple has survived the Islamic period. Among the temples destroyed were the 3 greatest temples of Hindu Dharma — those dedicated to Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, and Shankar, at Ayodhya, Mathura, and Benaras (Varanasi), respectively.Muslims kept fairly accurate accounts of their temple demolitions, since they considered them acts of great piety. By destroying the temples of the “kufr”, they were doing Allah’s bidding, and imitating Muhammad, who himself had destroyed all the idols in the Kaaba and made it into a mosque. Muslim rulers throughout history have repeated this act. The West knows of the conversion of the St. Sophia in Constantinople into a mosque. Hindudom knows of thousands of such tragic instances.Given below are some of the accounts left by Muslim historians of the destruction of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya — one of the greatest temples of Hindu Dharma. We will never know its splendour, but judging by the temples of South India that did survive Islamic rule, it must have been a stupendous feat of architecture.The Muslim writers unanimously describe the following:- - - - - - - - -
1. The temple complex comprised of the Janmasthan of Shri Ram at Kot Ram Chander, the private apartments (mahal sarai) of King Dashrath and Shri Ram, and a temple and a kitchen popularly known as Sita Ki Rasoi, where tradition held that Sita lived and cooked for her husband.

All three were demolished and a mosque constructed thereupon in 1528 A.D. under the guidance of Babur’s commander Mir Baqi and the Patronage of a Muslim cleric named Sayed Musa Ashikan.The earliest of such authors is none other than the granddaughter of the Moghul emperor Aurangzeb. Many of these Muslim writers were residents of Ayodhya (Awadh) and some were eye-witness to or participants in the Hindu-Muslim clashes that resulted from the numerous (77 recorded) attempts by Hindus to regain control of their holy site. Muslim records state that over 100,000 Hindus, over the centuries, perished in attempts to regain the temple.Let us now see what the Muslim writers have said…Dharmaveer goes on to quote in some detail the accounts of various Muslim historians concerning the destruction of temple in Ayodhya and the building of the mosque that replaced it.He says, in conclusion:
It is this Babri mosque, built as a symbol of the subjugation and humiliation of Hindus at a spot they venerated so highly, that was damaged by a crowd of Hindus in 1992 at the height of the nationalist movement to rebuild a temple for Shri Ram at the site which had been venerated as his birthplace by Hindus for millennia.Islam deliberately destroyed and desecrated what was most sacred to Hindus, and replaced it with a symbol of Islamic victory. The same reason Sultan Mehmet converted the Hagia Sophia into a mosque.Go over to Thoughts of a nationalist Indian to read the rest.The importance of the Indian front in the current conflict cannot be overemphasized. Dharmaveer’s desire to build bridges between his country and the rest of the West is commendable.India is the natural ally of all those countries and cultures that lie in Islam’s crosshairs.

Baron Bodissey 2/14/2009 02:10:00 PM

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Destruction and Desecration in Ayodhya
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DP111 said...
The most heinous crimes which the followers of Mohammad called as jihadis or to use a more euphemistic term, Muslims, perpetrated was on peace loving Hindus in India. The entire civilization of Hindus called as Saraswati Civilization was decapitated and reduced to dust. The depth and the scope of holocaust which befell Hindus is so staggering that common human mind fails to understand this and goes blank. Vedic India, originally called as Bharatvarsha, stretched from Afghanistan all the way to Japan. Murderous Muslims layed siege to glorious Bharatvarsha almost 1400 years ago and by treacherous and totally subhuman techniques succeeded in destruction and plunder of the greatest civilization that humanity has known so far. - from Rape of a Civilization, by Kuldeep Razdan, Sword of Truth, September 4th, 1999What has been the Indian/Hindu experience with Islam?"The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious thing, whose delicate complex of order and liberty, culture and peace may at any time be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying from within." - W. Durant, "Story of Civilization" Islamic slaughter of Hindus, the destruction of their civilisation, and their continuous humiliation through the centuries of Islamic rule, has had consequences that are present even to this day. Long term dhimmitude has induced a servility in Hindu minds to Islam. The humiliation of Hindu India was so great, that it is not surprising that Hindu India refuses to accept it. It is far too humiliating, and shameful, thus the mind, not unreasonably, just pushes it out of mind. Only in the last two decades has Hindu India started re-gain the confidence which should be its by right, but even now, it cannot face up to the reality of what happened in the centuries of Muslim rule.Long term dhimmification of a population is akin to long term slavery. It continues to inflict a feeling of impotence, fatalism, lack of self-confidence, and shame, in the subject group, even after the subjugation is removed. I have real sympathy for India. But there is hope. It is one of just two countries, Spain being the other, that has removed Islam from power. There are no other examples - which is sad portend for us, as we head, on our own steam unfortunately, towards dhimmitude.
2/14/2009 4:43 PM
DP111 said...
From summer patriot, winter soldierwhy, indeed, does the man in the bowler hat not feel the sting of his leg being sawn off? why does the west remain indifferent to the image of daniel pearl, or the polish engineer, or the bearded american, having their heads sawn off by thugs who insult their victims by slaughtering them as though domestic animals, sheep for the ancestral bedouin table. why does not the slaughter at mumbai arouse the universal wrath of the western world, as it would have 100 years ago: wars were fought, and empires toppled, for far less insult than this, when the west was vigorous and robust.why is there no outrage, no wrath, no blood boiling for revenge of our compatriots?my intellect struggles with this, because more than killings, these outrages are humiliations and insults aimed at the values which underpin our very national existence, and the very existence of western civilization, as it was once comprised. these outrages are insults and humiliations which defame our manhood, our masculinity, or very will to exist.summer patriot, winter soldierAs I've posted before, there is something wrong with us "men in the West" at a fundamental level ie the level of the soul, no, at the basic primeval level.
2/14/2009 4:58 PM
Fjordman said...
DP111: We're a completely empty shell of a culture which believes in absolutely nothing. At least we will be providing employment for centuries of future historians, who will scratch their heads and wonder exactly how a once-great civilization could just fall apart like this. I could add that I don't by this mean to say that the West will necessarily die from this, but the current incarnation of it will.
2/14/2009 9:17 PM
Zenster said...
This deliberate wanton destruction of a civilization was not a byproduct of greed: it was the very purpose of Islam itself.It would be best if all non-Muslims bore this in mind when considering how to deal with Islam. A worldwide caliphate would be nothing more or less than Global Cultural Genocide™.Mass murder of infidels and the destruction of all “idols” remain the primary function of pious Muslims when they are unencumbered by any external restraints.That being the case, which it most definitely is, it's long overdue for a whole messa encumberin' to happen. One would think that the 9-11 atrocity was sufficient to motivate Western leaders in this respect.What, then, shall be required? Toppling of the Eiffel Tower? Dynamiting of the Statue of Liberty? Bombing of the Cistine Chapel? Exactly what article of priceless Western heritage must be obliterated before Islam is finally brought to heel?... the compulsive aggression and profanity of Islam.For Muslims, the term "compulsive aggression" is redundant and the profanity intrinsic.Muslims kept fairly accurate accounts of their temple demolitions, since they considered them acts of great piety.Yet one more striking similarity to the Nazis who kept meticulous records of their mass murder.DP111: why does not the slaughter at mumbai arouse the universal wrath of the western world, as it would have 100 years ago: wars were fought, and empires toppled, for far less insult than this, when the west was vigorous and robust.Why, indeed. I still maintain that when history closes its book upon this new jihadist era, the 9-11 atrocity will stand as the beginning of Islam's end. Flying fully loaded passenger airliners into occupied skyscrapers stands as one of the most heinous crimes that can be committed without resorting to massive military force or weaponry. This one event will eventually be recognized as the unignorable call to arms that hearlded Islam's final demise. How dreadful it is to think that even one more such atrocity, if not many more, will be needed to spur on Western powers in ridding this world of Islam.
2/14/2009 9:26 PM
DP111 said...
Zenster: Succinct and precise remedies. Excellent. 9/11 was far worse then Pearl Harbour. A previous generation of Americans, some of who are still alive, would have devastated the ME. And not just physical devastation, though that is essential for what follows, the entire constitution of Islam would have been forcibly changed, just as that of Japan was changed for good. These days however, there is the assumption that the root culture of a people cannot be changed by force, though Islamic conquest is an example that it can.Fjordman wrote: We're a completely empty shell of a culture, which believes in absolutely nothing. At least we will be providing employment for centuries of future historians, who will scratch their heads and wonder exactly how a once-great civilization could just fall apart like this.We cannot abandon hope. Without hope, all is lost. Do we believe in nothing? Fundamentally, yes. The trouble is that we have too much to believe in, and we end up believing nothing. Society has been atomised. The civilisation born from the Christian faith has cut itself off from its roots, so we have nothing to coalesce around. This is the same problem that Martin Luther diagnosed as the Turks (Muslim) armies laid waste to Eastern and Central Europe, and threatened Germany itself. The nightmare of India under Muslim rule is so horrendous that modern India cannot face up to its reality, and hence they gloss over it and pretend that it never happened. This is the situation in all countries that were conquered by Islam. Iran and Pakistan are both heirs to an ancient and cultured civilisation, and yet Iranians and Pakistanis ignore the bestial treatment of their ancestors by Muslim invaders, and pretend that Islam just changed their minds in a peaceful manner. To acknowledge the reality is too shameful. This is where we are headed, and that is why this thread on India is important.The problem is, why are men of the West so docile? This is particularly so in the case of Britain. This is a martial and militaristic island par excellence that made even the Japanese appear pacifist. What ever happened? It cannot be because women are in the majority. Women have been the majority for a long while, but that didn’t make men any the less assertive and robust. The normal response of men when their community or nation is attacked is to counter attack. What did we do after London 7/7? Nothing. Instead we sat back and congratulated ourselves that no Muslim in Britain was attacked, and we are “oh so civilised”. The same happened in Bombay after the train bombs. Indians did nothing, and the liberal Times of India and other papers were sanctimoniously congratulating themselves as to how civilised Indians are. There should have been some response, which of course could have been dealt by the police in the usual way. However, the message would have gone out to the authorities, as well as to Muslims - “Watch it, don’t push us”. Instead, the message that has gone out to the authorities is – “Ignore British men but be careful not to antagonise Muslims”. That is one of the fallouts, and is clearly evident in the Geert Wilders affair. Lord Ahmed claims he did not threaten parliament with 10,000 Muslim (violent) demonstrators – he does not need to, as the message has already been understood and digested by the authorities and Muslims, and Ahmed simply displays that. Men, particularly Western men, are not behaving as men should.
2/15/2009 1:17 PM
The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...
The earliest of such authors is none other than the granddaughter of the Moghul emperor Aurangzeb.Aurangzeb was Mogul emperor from 1658 to 1707. His granddaughter would have written even later.This means that the first "eyewitness" account of the destruction of the temple was written almost 200 years after it actually occurred.
2/16/2009 12:11 PM
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Islamic Terrorism in India

Islamic Terrorism in India
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims — Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 12,000 deadly attacks since 9/11/
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Ajmal Amir Kasab:- I am Pakistani and a terrorist, I am the biggest sinner, I have killed so many innocent people, may God forgive me
Online Muslim jihadists congratulate Lashkar-e-Toiba on Mumbai massacre, now target US, UK and Israel
Complete account of Mumbai terror by Ajmal Amir Qasab
No houses for Muslims: Surat real estate agents
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UK Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary brands Christmas as evil, pathway to hellfire
About Islam
Standard Pakistani response template - must read
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Torture in the Arab world versus resort living in Guantanamo
Muslim villages in Kerala fly Pakistani flags
India should take 12 steps to screw up Pakistan's economy
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