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Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology! -part one

Nov 23, 2003

Introduction: "Many are schooled, yet only a few are educated." Many worship this dangerous political ideology posing as a religion without even once reading the Quran, Nahjol Balagheh (Ali's Book), any Hadith (Islamic Scholar's quotes), nor the history of Islam! Majority of Muslims are Muslim by tradition! They have never studied Islam nor Quran. What they believe that they know of Islam, is what their Ayatollahs, Hojatol Eslams, Marja'e Taghlid, Parents, clerics, schools, text books, authorities & society in general told them about Islam! It is even specifically said in the past that "One cannot & should not read Quran in Arabic"! One should always listen to the second hand stories made up by Akhoonds & interpretations of Quran! For a long time they were recommending not to read Quran in Arabic! what were they afraid of? Just read the two articles "Quran on Non Muslims" & "Quran on Women" in IPC Website, article section & you will understand what the clerics were afraid of! They were afraid that the public would have read the clear text of Quran in Arabic or even the uncensored translation in Persian like "23 Years" a study of Quran by Professor Ali Dashti (also available to download for free at IPC library, book download) banned by IRI, & they would finally judge for themselves, that what kind of garbage they been worshiping for centuries!

Persians were fooled & kept in the dark for centuries with beautiful made up dreams & stories of braveries of Muslim Arab Saints, Imams & Prophet! The brain wash so strong & to the point of not even making the true text of Quran available or translated, & not even recommended for them to read! Muslim Clerics purposely kept our people in the ignorance & darkness of history.

Quran unlike the bible with so many versions, translations & interpretations, has only one & only one version & one clear original translation. Quran unlike Torat or bible, has been written in a very clear writing & format, so any person with a two bit sense & a brain could read & understand it. There is only one version of Quran & that is the original version which has been translated in many languages & it is simple & clear to understand. The funny thing is that, only the Muslim blind followers of Islam are the people who have never even read the whole Quran, now forget even understanding it! If one logical mind reads Quran for once, it will be impossible for him to keep on believing in it as a holy book to follow. It will also be impossible for him to even imagine that there is possibly an element can be existed with the name of "Islamic Democracy"!

The Body of Logic: Over the years of our struggle, I have been preaching about the true nature of Islam. Eventually the world is coming to understand the exact nature of Islam. Islam is not a normal religion; it is not just another typical religion. Islam, is a dangerous political ideology. you might ask why? Lets expand on this:

1. Islam is the only religion in which it's prophet's primary role was not as a missionare of God, a cleric or a religious figure! Muhammad's primary role was a "Ruler", or better said "The Head of The Government". Muhammad was first, a leader & the head of the nation of Islam. He was the Khalifat of Muslims & the ruler of Omat al Islam, then came his second role as the religious leader. Eventually these two mixed up together to a point that the Government became part of the Religion.

Muhammad is the only prophet that actually ruled as a political leader & a "Head of a State"! There is no other prophet in the history of the world that was also a head of the state! According to Islam, every aspect of the society including, the government, the judicial, the economical, the social, & every other root & branch of an Islamic community is a sub branch & part of the Religion of Islam. Islam is not just another religion. Islam is a way of life in every aspect. Islam is a political ideology which rules the nation.

This tradition had started with the prophet of Islam, Muhammad & it went on during the four Khalifats of Rashedin, Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, & of course Ali. It then continued just like that during Bani Omayed, Bani Abbas, on going to all the dynasties & rulers of the Islamic Empire in the history of earth.

2. All three branches of government, the judicial, the executive, & the legislative branch were always under the leadership & control of the Khalifat of Islam since the beginning of Islam. It started with Muhammad the Arab Prophet & it is still going on as we see it in Islamic Republic of Iran, Afghanistan & other true Muslim nations.

In Islam there is a law which is very clear:

"Khelafat is a part of Dianat" meaning that "Government is a part of Religion." This law has been a major Rule of Islam since the beginning of it about 1500 years ago until this day. On the other hand, there is no possibility of a true Islamic Nation existing without the absolute Supreme Cleric Leadership of the Khalifat or Velayate Faghih. This is the basic fundamental of Islam. This brings us to the fact of the Antagonistic conflict between Democracy & Islam.

3. The fundamental of Democracy is the Separation of Church of & State. Without it, there can be no democracy existing. Islam clearly denies this fact & basic rule of democracy!

4. Democracy tells us about the limited power of all three branches of the government. In Islam, all three branches are under the power of the Supreme Cleric Leader like Muhammad the Arab Prophet, Ali the fourth Khalifat, or Imam Khomeini, & now Imam Seyed Ali Khamenei!

5. Democracy teaches us about the limitations to the power of the heads of state. President or Prime Minister's power is limited by the other branches of government. In Islam Khalifat has no limitation. Khalifat is the absolute ruler of the land, direct descendant of Allah (God) like Muhammad, or he is the missionare & voice of God on Earth like Imam Khomeini or Imam Khamenei.

6. Democracy has term limits for the leader of the land. It has a four, five, or seven years of term limit for the President or Prime Minister to be elected by the masses after each term limit. Islam has no term limit. Khalifat, Velayate Faghih, or Imam rules the Islamic Empire or nation indefinitely until his death! It started since Muhammad started his government until his death. Afterward he chose his disciple & next Khalifat which was Abu Bakr & it went on for 1500 years or so until this day that we see Imam Khomeini chose Imam Khamenei to be the next Khalifat al Muslemin!

7. In a Democracy the ruler has limited political powers only as the leader of the executive branch. In Islam the leader has the Absolute General Power over All Aspects of All Muslim's Lives! He has the absolute right to say or do absolutely everything in relation to politics, religion, judicial, economic, social, war, peace, life or death & every other angle of the nation & the people in it or as said in Islam:

Khalifat has the say over all matters in relation to the Omat & the Khelafat. Not to be even talking about the power of veto!

8. Islam have made it clear through the years, since the very beginning, that it is a religion of Expansionism. It must expand at any cost. It has been clearly said in Islam that:

A Muslim's duty is to expand Islam by any means. Muslim should take over Apostates & Infidel's lands. Islam is the last religion in the world & Muhammad was the last prophet in the world. All other people believing in all other religions must bring Islam. Bible, Torat, etc. all promise the coming of the Islam's Prophet, Muhammad; therefore, Muhammad is the only just & last prophet in the world & all should become Muslim. Now, when Muslim take over all other lands from all other people believing in all other religions, they must deal with them in the same manner. Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian, Atheist, etc. are all the same in the eyes of Islam. The way to deal with them is to give them these choices:

a. To bring Islam & become a Muslim. b. To pay up "Jiziyeh" or Jaziyeh (Ransom) to Muslim government, every year, to remain to his own faith. c. To be eliminated & beheaded by the sword of Islam.

As we mentioned before, there was always the fourth choice, to leave one's land & home in to the exile. When Muslim took over Persian Empire, many have chosen the fourth choice & fled to India, those are the Parsi people of India who are still Zoroastrian. The perfect example of these choices of Islam is what they done to Iran. Many Persians became Muslim by no choice, many paid ransom for centuries to remain Zoroastrian, many murdered by Muslims in a way that they either fought the oppressive Muslim occupational government to death or they were simply murdered, raped, beheaded by the Muslim, like Omar ordered the beheadings of thousands of Persians. Ali the Shiite symbol & the fourth holy Saint of world's Shiites, also done the same to non Muslims & the POWs of the Kheibar Battle in Arabia. He either personally or by his henchmen murdered over 600 prisoners of war by beheading them, many by his own sword.

If you pay a close attention, you will see that Muhammad started the tradition of Terror, by assassinating his opponents in Arabia. He used to send midnight assassins to their houses & kill them in the middle of their sleep. He used to also attack the caravans, steal, murder & rape the opponents, way back then. this was the methods of the Prophet of God! Same tradition went on even during first Imam of Shiites, Ali & then the second & third one Hassan & Hussein. they all murdered the so called apostates, simply because they refused to become Muslim. Hussein himself ordered the murder of many Persian Freedom Fighters.

Why do you think that many of these so called Imams of Shiite got assassinated?! Obviously Persians & Shiites made them the martyrs & saints & also legends! But the fact of the matter was that people were fed up with their oppression & they killed them by assassination.

Mid-east Map

Look at the myths of Ali that would not hurt an ant or a spider, Hussein who was the innocent & paid with his life & his followers lives in deserts of Karbala, etc. The truth of the matter is that, the same innocent Ali who would not kill an ant or hurt a fly, would behead 600 POW of war many of them by his own sword! Hussein did not fight for the truth & justice! He fought Yazid who was his rival, also the legal Khalifat of Muslims. Yazid offered him to join & obey, but Hussein was a thief, & a terrorist who disobeyed Yazid. Also this whole fight was originally over a woman, a very beautiful woman. Besides, Yazid was a far worthier man to rule than the naive, passionate, immature, & emotional Hussein. Yazid was a poet, a writer, a mature governor & a fine politician. And lets not forget all the murders that happened by the order of Hussein in Iran! the true face of Hussein is a face of a bandit, thief, womanizer, murderer & an outlaw, but Persians & Shiites made him a Saint!

The depth of the nonsense created by Muslim is unbelievable for the logical mind to digest, but it is clear as a whistle to the historians. Muslim Scholars can fool the illiterate public of the fanatical Muslims, but they can never feed all this garbage to the knowledgeable historians & history enthusiasts.

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