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What is best for us?

from Separationism:

Fjordman has written at Gates of Vienna (the article is also discussed at VFR):

The best way to deal with the Islamic world is to have as little to do with it as possible. We should completely stop Muslim immigration. This could be done in indirect ways, such as banning immigration from nations known to be engaged in terrorism. All Muslim non-citizens in the West should be removed. We should also change our laws to ensure that Muslim citizens who advocate sharia, preach Jihad, the inequality of “infidels” etc should have their citizenship revoked and be deported back to their country of origin.

Separationism from View from the Right

from Jihad Watch:

Fitzgerald: Keep them out

"...the rush to the gates of the embassies and consulates of the Western nations with requests for visas in order to reside permanently in those countries..." -- from this article

They must not be allowed in. For the safety of our own citizens in the West, we can't take any more Muslims, and certainly not the most dangerous of all, the Shock Troops of the Lesser Jihad, the local Arabs who were carefully renamed the "Palestinians." They have proven to be at the center of many terrorist plots and schemes. And then they are suddenly identified demurely, so often, as having been "born in Jordan" or "born in Israel" -- and the word "Palestinian" that they always emphasize so often, suddenly disappears.

They are a specific threat to Jews, even a mortal threat. Would the American government knowingly allow into this country, say, neo-Nazis? No. Would it allow in to this country, knowingly, the most extreme white-supremacist followers of Eugene Terre Blanche in South Africa, people who would bring in their mental baggage, say, to this country a desire to reduce the black population to a state of permanent economic, social, and political inferiority? Would they allow in such people when it was clear that their ideology was not merely a personal one, but was so ingrained that it could not be uprooted, and was passed on from generation to generation -- as is Islam?

Continue reading "Fitzgerald: Keep them out"

Whether ... Israel existed or didn't, whether or not we were in Iraq or not, they would be trying to kill us, because it is a dictate of their religion, at least a part of it. And we have to defend ourselves."
-Tom Tancredo (R-CO)


If the trend in the UK is any indication, then the trend towards integrating Moslems into free societies will be a dismal failure.

. . . there is no Western country with an Islamic fraction above 5% where Muslims have not demanded special treatment, usually at cost to their host societies and their "infidel" neighbors. They usually get what they demand, owing to Westerners' tendency to defer to "religious" sentiment and our awareness of the demonstrated propensity toward violence of Muslims at a sufficient concentration. The process tends to escalate: small demands, once conceded, are followed by progressively larger ones. The early, small concessions tend to reduce resistance to the later, larger ones. Over time, Islam acquires a superior status, recognized in law and custom even if never explicitly named, and Muslims are considered exempt from requirements and constraints that bind all other persons.
-Francis W. Porretto
Eternity Road

also see
When the Muslim Population Reaches a Critical Mass
Even More Drastic times Call for Even More Drastic Measures


from Pedestrian Infidel blogspot

Integration is difficult for the Muslim, too, since his religion forbids true integration. Muslims are exhorted to set themselves apart from the kufar, or infidels. So not only do we have a problem of integrating these people, but we also have a problem with them because they feel superior to us. This is further complicated by the fact that Muslims do not- will not- recognize- man-made, secular laws. Any man-made law is inferior, very inferior, to the laws as laid out by Allah and the Prophet Muhammad in the Shari’ah.

UK Muslims want veils, not integration

Still, the next time there is unrest, the mainstream media will blame the British government for not working to integrate the country's Muslims. "Muslims will not waver over veils," by Jonathan Wynne-Jones in the Sunday Telegraph, with thanks to High:

Britain's Muslim community overwhelmingly believes that women should be allowed to wear the veil, despite fears that it presents a barrier to integration, a study has found.

Almost nine in 10 Muslims think that any government moves to ban the veil would hurt social cohesion.

Schools already have the power to ask pupils to remove the niqab - which covers the entire face apart from a slit for the eyes - to improve safety, security and learning.

There have been calls for a wider debate on whether it is appropriate for the full veil to be worn in public at all. But a Gallup Poll to be published this week found most Muslims firm in the belief that Islamic women should be free to wear it.

While 55 per cent of all those polled thought that removing the veil was vital for integration, only 13 per cent of Muslims agreed.

Instead, they thought that the Government needed to change its economic and political policies toward Islamic countries and show greater respect to Islam.

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Also see this IMPORTANT reference: Moslems Do Not Want to Integrate

The intrepid Paul Williams has a report in Canada Free Press (thanks to all who sent this in) about his visit to Islamberg, New York, a camp run by the jihadist Jamaat ul-Fuqra group. The inhabitants wouldn't let him into the compound, but he talked to some of the locals, and found out a good deal:
For what he found out and what you can do about it,

Jihad Watch

Springtime in Islamberg
Radical Muslim paramilitary compound flourishes in upper New YorkState
Islamberg also has a website with photos: http://www.islamberg.org/

By Paul L. Williams Ph.D., (author of THE DAY OF ISLAM)
With the able assistance of Douglas Hagmann, Bill Krayer and Michael Travis

Friday, May 11, 2007 http://www.canadafreepress.com/2007/paul-williams051107.htm

Situated within a dense forest at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains on the outskirts of Hancock, New York, Islamberg is not an ideal place for a summer vacation unless, of course, you are an exponent of the Jihad or a fan of Osama bin Laden.

The 70 acre complex is surrounded with "No trespassing" signs; the rocky terrain is infested with rattlesnakes; and the woods are home to black bears, coyotes, wolves, and a few bobcats.

The entrance to the community is at the bottom of a very steep hill that is difficult to navigate even on a bright sunny day in May. The road, dubbed Muslim Lane, is unpaved and marred by deep crevices that have been created by torrential downpours. On a wintry day, few, save those with all terrain vehicles, could venture forth from the remote encampment.

A sentry post has been established at the base of the hill.

The sentry, at the time of this visit, is an African American dressed in Islamic garb - - a skull cap, a prayer shawl, and a loose fitting shalwat kameez. He instructs us to turn around and leave. "Our community is not open to visitors," he says.

Behind the sentry and across a small stream stand dozens of inhabitants of the compound - - the men wearing skull caps and loose fitting tunics, the women in full burqa. They appear ready to deal with any unauthorized intruders.

The hillside is blighted by rusty trailers that appear to be without power or running water and a number of outhouses. The scent of raw sewage is in the air.

The place is even off limits to the local undertaker who says that he has delivered bodies to the complex but has never been granted entrance. "They come and take the bodies from my hearse. They won't allow me to get past the sentry post. They say that they want to prepare the bodies for burial. But I never get the bodies back. I don't know what's going on there but I don't think it's legal."

On the other side of the hill where few dare to go is a tiny village replete with a make-shift learning center (dubbed the "International Quranic Open University"); a trailer converted into a Laundromat; a small, green community center; a small and rather squalid grocery store; a newly constructed majid; over forty clapboard homes; and scores of additional trailers.

It is home to hundreds - - all in Islamic attire, and all African-Americans. Most drive late model SUVs with license plates from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The locals say that some work as tollbooth operators for the New York State Thruway, while others are employed at a credit card processing center that maintains confidential financial records.

While buzzing with activity during the week, the place becomes a virtual hive on weekends. The guest includes arrivals from the inner cities of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and, occasionally, white-robed dignitaries in Ray-Bans from the Middle East.

Venturing into the complex last summer, Douglas Hagmann, an intrepid investigator and director of the Northeast Intelligence Service, came upon a military training area at the eastern perimeter of the property. The area was equipped with ropes hanging from tall trees, wooden fences for scaling, a make-shift obstacle course, and a firing range. Hagmann said that the range appeared to have been in regular use.

Islamberg is not as benign as a Buddhist monastery or a Carmelite convent. Nearly every weekend, neighbors hear sounds of gunfire. Some, including a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, have heard the bang of small explosives. None of the neighbors wished to be identified for fear of "retaliation." "We don't even dare to slow down when we drive by," one resident said. "They own the mountain and they know it and there is nothing we can do about it but move, and we can't even do that. Who wants to buy a property near that?"

Islamberg's Grocery Store

The complex serves to scare the bejeesus out of the local residents. "If you go there, you better wear body armor," a customer at the Circle E Diner in Hancock said. "They have armed guards and if they shoot you, nobody will find your body."

At Cousins, a watering hole in nearby Deposit, a barfly, who didn't wish to be identified, said: "The place is dangerous. You can hear gunfire up there. I can't understand why the FBI won't shut it down."

Islamberg is a branch of Muslims of the Americas Inc., a tax-exempt organization formed in 1980 by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, who refers to himself as "the sixth Sultan Ul Faqr," Gilani, has been directly linked by court documents to Jamaat ul-Fuqra or "community of the impoverished," an organization that seeks to "purify" Islam through violence.

Though primarily based in Lahore, Pakistan, Jamaat ul-Fuqra has operational headquarters in New York and openly recruits through various social service organizations in the U.S., including the prison system. Members live in hamaats or compounds, such as Islamberg, where they agree to abide by the laws of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, which are considered to be above local, state and federal authority. Additional hamaats have been established in Hyattsville, Maryland; Red House, Virginia; Falls Church, Virginia; Macon, Georgia; York, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee; Buena Vista, Colorado; Talihina, Oklahoma; Tulane Country, California; Commerce, California; and Onalaska, Washington. Others are being built, including an expansive facility in Sherman, Pennsylvania.

Before becoming a citizen of Islamberg or any of the other Fuqra compounds, the recruits - - primarily inner city black men who became converts in prison - - are compelled to sign an oath that reads: "I shall always hear and obey, and whenever given the command, I shall readily fight for Allah's sake."

In the past, thousands of members of the U.S. branches of Jamaat ul-Fuqra traveled to Pakistan for paramilitary training, but encampments, such as Islamberg, are now capable of providing book-camp training so raw recruits are no longer required to travel abroad amidst the increased scrutiny of post 9/11.

Over the years, numerous members of Jamaat ul-Fuqra have been convicted in US courts of such crimes as conspiracy to commit murder, firebombing, gun smuggling, and workers' compensation fraud. Others remain leading suspects in criminal cases throughout the country, including ten unsolved assassinations and seventeen fire-bombings between 1979 and 1990.

The criminal charges against the group and the criminal convictions are not things of the past. In 2001, a resident of a California compound was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of a sheriff's deputy; another was charged with gun-smuggling' and twenty-four members of the Red House community were convicted of firearms violations.

By 2004 federal investigators uncovered evidence that linked both the DC "sniper killer" John Allen Muhammed and "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid to the group and reports surfaced that Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was captured and beheaded in the process of attempting to obtain an interview with Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan.

Even though Jamaat ul-Fuqra has been involved in terror attacks and sundry criminal activities, recruited thousands of members from federal and state penal systems, and appears to be operating paramilitary facilities for militant Muslims, it remains to be placed on the official US Terror Watch List. On the contrary, it continues to operate, flourish, and expand as a legitimate nonprofit, tax-deductible charity.


AND FROM Jihad Watch, May 21, 2007

Islamberg not the only jihadist compound in the U.S.

A follow-up to this story. "Radical Muslim paramilitary compounds flourishing across the United States: Islamberg not the only radical Muslim compound flourishing in North America," by Judi McLeod for Canada Free Press, with thanks to WriterMom:

...Islamberg is just one of what is thought to be a half dozen radical Muslim paramilitary compounds flourishing across the United States, this one nestled in dense forest at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains on the outskirts of Hancock, New York.

Canada, home to at least one such compound, is no safe ground....

Hundreds of letters have deluged (CFP) since it published a story with pictures of Springtime in Islamberg, written by The Day of Islam author Dr. Paul Williams with the able assistance of Doug Hagmann, Bill Krayer and Michael Travis.

Many letter writers complain that local authorities are telling them they have never heard of the compound.

Islamberg is an al Fuqra house. "Fuqra has had a disturbing U.S. presence for more than 20 years." (The weekly Standard, March 18, 2002). "Today, half a dozen Fuqra residential compounds in rural hamlets across the country shelter hundreds of members, some of whom, according to intelligence sources, have been trained in the use of weapons and explosives in Pakistan."

In a world where authorities make like terrorism doesn't exist, Fuqra's founder and bossman, Sheikh Mubarik Ali Hasmi Shah Gilani, is not only alive and well -- he has a road "Sheikh Gilani Lane" named after him. This road is not in faraway Pakistan, but right in Charlotte County, Virginia.

Charlotte County is a rural farming community in Central Virginia near the North Carolina border.

Read it all.

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Jihad Watch, May 21, 2007


Is it possible to assimilate Moslems into our society without changing the society into an Islamic-dominated one?

Here's one "Moslem in America" for you:

Sanctuarified Muslim Thanks America With a Special Salute

Debbie Schlussel: Welcome to D-Mecca, Sanctuary City


"I know I don't have to fit in," she [Ismahan, a computer scientist in
Michigan] said. "I don't think Muslims have to assimilate. We are not treated like Americans. At work, I get up from my desk and go to pray. I thought I would face opposition from my boss. Even before I realized he didn't mind, I thought, 'I have a right to be a Muslim, and I don't have to assimilate.' "
America's Muslims Aren't as Assimilated as You Think

Despite contemporary public opinion -- or perhaps because of it -- Muslim Americans consider Islam their defining characteristic, beyond any national identity. In this way, their experience in the United States resembles that of their co-religionists in Europe, where mosques are also growing, Islamic schools are being built, and practicing the faith is the center of life, particularly for the young generation. In Europe and the United States, young Muslims are
unifying around popular imams they believe understand the challenges they face in Western societies ...

America's Muslims Aren't as Assimilated as You Think


A Dream or a Reality?

It may well be the wish of many of us, especially after viewing the foregoing photo of a Moslem living in our country, that we just get rid of them. Deport them all. But is this dealing with the reality of the uncounted number of illegally-entered, visaed-but-stayed-on-after- visa-expiration "students"--from such Islamic areas as Saudi Arabia and the "Palestinian"-occupied Israeli territories--as well as Moslem green-card holders and "Moslem-American" citizens (an oxymoron)?

Not under our present State Department visa-issuing policies and the Administration climate of viewing Islam as just another "religion" and one "of peace" at that.

Would a change of Administrations bring about a climate favorable to mass deportation of the Moslem squatters in our country? Not if a Democratic Administration nor a Bush-like, Arab-favoring Republican power elite were to hold the reins of government.

What to do then? What can reasonably be expected? Under the most favorable conditions---after a horrific Islamic attack on the United States--the deportation of illegally-residing Moslems, especially Moslems with criminal records, and all Moslems engaging in or providing aid to Islamic terrorism--the technique of warfare favored by Islam ever since it was founded by the cunning desert brigand.

That leaves us with the legal Moslem "immigrant" and the Moslem holder of American citizenship.

What can be done about those?

Stay tuned, I'll think of something. Or better yet, somebody else will, and I'll find it, grab it, and post it here.

In the meantime, let's look at the s0-called "American" Moslems (or Moslem-"Americans") and what they are doing to our country:

[NOTE: 10-01-08 The following links will most probably not get you into the "Islamic Danger" blog. That blog--the "grandfather" of the ""Islamic Danger 2, 4, still, FU, etc." blogs--is closed to all but those of us who wrote posts there. I will migrate the following posts, as soon as I can spare the time, so that you CAN read them. Leslie White]

Can there be such a thing as a "Moslem-American?"

Moslems in the U.S.A.

Militant Islam in America

Classification of Moslems in America

How Moslems Are Taking Over America

Moslems Do Not Want to Integrate

The Challenge of Islam

The Logistical Problems of Deporting All Islamic enemies--aliens and citizens

"We have the choice either to expel the current threat and the people bearing it, and then to contain that threat within certain boundaries, or we can continue with business as before, as the states and elites of Europe continued to do all through the 1930s..."

The questions I want to address are simple: where do you send them and how do you get them there? This is not like Czechoslovakia or Poland expelling Germans, or Turkey expelling Greeks. Muslims cannot simply be forced across the border into ‘their’ country. First, Britain is an island. Second, no European country ‘bordering’ Britain would want 2 million angry, impoverished refugees. This would not even be like the Partition of India. The refugees can’t walk or pack onto trains for the long ride out.

We are talking about forcing people onto airplanes and flying them somewhere. Between 1.5 and 2 million people would need a lot of planes flying for a long time. They won’t just sit quietly and enjoy the in-flight movie. That’s the whole point of expelling them, remember. The flights would require a significant number of guards on board to prevent the refugees from storming the cockpit.

Excerpts from
-Rebecca Bynum, Tribalism, Culture and the Nation-State

Read it all.

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