Monday, August 18, 2008

What was the the most effective response to political Islam in Ancient India?

Sikhism was the most effective response to political Islam because it created a group of neo-kshatriyas (those who bear arms) in order to protect the sanathan dharma!!*

*In Sanathan Dharma (Hinduism), the belief is Monotheism where there is one Supreme God who pervades everywhere in all the universes. He is worshipped by different names and different forms. Hinduism is the dominant religion of India, where over 85% of the population follow it. This religion is eternal and currently we are in our last era called Kaliyuga. This era continues for 432,000 years where we are approximately 5,500 years into. In whole there are 4 eras which total a lifetime of our universe, at the end of this the universe ends and the process of creating a new universe begins by Lord Swaminarayan himself. While everything ends the religions still lives on hence why it is called Sanathan Dharma meaning eternal religion. In Hinduism, there is only one Supreme God and within our Swaminarayan Sampraday (faith) we believe Lord Shri Swaminarayan is the Supreme Lord and He is the source of all the creations in this universe and other millions of universes.

. . . it was the vanquishing of the weakened group of kshatriyas that actually was responsible for the destruction of hindu civilization at the hands of momeen hordes. I must also add, that the sikh gurus realized this weakend link in hindu civilization and came up with a solution to end the weakened warrior castes ended with the sikh gurus asking every dwija** to become a kshatriya (one who bears arms) to fight the momeen*** hordes. In my view one of the most important K i.e. the Kirpan****, that the kshatriyas were supposed to carry was now to be worn by every dwija on becoming a sikh.
**Dwija, literally means one who is born twice in Sanskrit. It is the name given to the Kshatriya, Brahmin and Vaishya castes among the Hindus in India. One born in these castes is assumed to be born another time at the time of Upanayanam, when he is taught the secret of life through Brahmopadesam (Preaching/Advising in the matter of the nature of Brahma - the ultimate reality)

***momeen - defined by usage (quoted as follows)
Muhammad the [censored] said the sun sets in muddy pond under the throne of allah, so we shall all the momeen scums believe in the qrap, and will await the allah [censored]' s permission. Islam is evil, momeens are scums.There is no point in any discussion with qraps. When you step on shit, one has to carry on. I unintentionally stepped on shit here ( momeen scums ), I intend to carry on and not take more of the crap on me. Momeens are scums.

****Kirpan The ceremonial dagger carried by orthodox Sikhs.
Ceremonial steel dagger symbolizing determination to defend the truth. One of the Five Ks of the Khalsa.

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