Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Morocco, conquered by the Arab-Mohammedans, still under the rule of Arabs and Islam

The Arabs conquered Morocco coming from Egypt into North Africa. The inhabitants of what the Arabs called the "Maghreb" were either forcefully, by circumstance, or voluntarily converted to Islam.

[quoting Robert Spencer of]

Many people frown on proselytizing. I have no problem with it from any group. If someone wants to convert me to another religion or point of view, I'll be glad to discuss it. If, however, someone who rejects an invitation to convert must be killed [as is the case with Islam] -- well, that does seem to cross a line. So in Morocco, why not let Christians preach, and anyone else who wants to preach also? If Islam is true, its truth will shine forth in comparison to error, will it not? Actions like this one from the Moroccan government manifest a deep insecurity that can also be found all over the Islamic world.


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It is actually an inadvertent admission on the part of the Morrocan authorities that Islam, even when in a dominant position, cannot tolerate any competition.

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