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Libya and the confiscated lands of Imazighen (Berbers)

Libya and the confiscated lands of Imazighen
9 November 2008

EMMAR* Libya and the confiscated lands of Imazighen

*Global real estate properties in UAE

The last two years an investment plans under taken by the Libyan government and supported by the Arab investors from the UAE (United Arab Emirates) planning to reconcile a project that will integrates under roof of developing special zone in the Zwara region noticing that the Libyan regime ignores and non-supportive for any local investment. This time, EMAAR* moved into another new territory taking the global colonization policy, moving up with resigning contracts [1] when it signed a joint venture agreement in Libya with the Zwara - bu Kemash Development Zone with its unofficial head; son of Kaddafi, Saadi Muammer Kaddafi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zwara - bu Kemash Development Zone placing his signature on a contract with EMAAR chairman.

More than 200 km² of confiscated lands by the mental corrupted regime and then what we lose our land our identity our self determination on which we struggle for. And this contaminates for the sake of what? Declared as minorities creatures by whom? An illusionary constitution, the law of tainted ideologies and abused policies under the name of National Arab Security.

“We are focused on developing the country’s infrastructure to further support the trade, tourism, industrial and services sectors, which will create economic alternatives and reduce dependence on oil revenues..." Saadi Kaddafi [2] to the Libyan press. That will be very simple to Kaddafi’s son; oil income is no longer for the Libyan now officially owned by them.

However, the reaction may have been predicted given its scope and will likely lead to a challenges by imazighen and their land through announcement called by some Amazigh militant with their long struggle holding the right to refuse in use of manipulation act with authority since the regime confront any sort of reaction of refusing by imazighen of Zwara tend to stop the uphold colonization investment. Still the state concern on how to convince them to resign their territory with bit of Dinars, although those North African governments are now enhancing their investments projects with the Arab nations substantially.

Its new political agenda in this case Zwara an Amazighphone region will face a rapid change from implementing this project specially when this area extends through long coastline will include Farwa island [3]. When it comes to series of steps announced by the Libyan government including plans for privatization which is the key pillars in its transition to a more free market economy its surely a different matter. But the privatization is only a new tactics played by the regime and this time by Kaddafi’s sons [4].

Considering his unveiled address by Saadi kaddafi, and his poor and useless words convincing his loyalty to the regime were he tried on the other hand to convince the Libyans his project, turning back the actual need of every Libyans (home, education, health, jobs better living conditions) how difficult it is to convince people, especially the educated youth and the intellectuals, to change traditional ways and adapt themselves to new conditions with the land burglar.

They have under taken some legacies for themselves without notifying Libyan people this is the case and a fact proven; were although many if not all, of these billions of dinars worth of chaos projects were withdrawn from the general financial cabinet. It’s only a matter of time reconciling our self step on maintaining the last piece of mosaic; the truth behind the new Libya.

The brave Amazigh women and men in our militant cultural and political movement have demonstrated their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice so that our Tamazight identity, ancestor’s homeland and freedom of speech, the faith of democracy can be preserved by us will continue our long lasting struggle. It is up to our people and Tamazgha nation as a whole to ensure that it is not the case of what they think we are but it is who we are.

By M.B.

30-10-2008 Adrar Nefusa - Libya

[1] [2] 2006-11-13.

[3] It was known once that this island were inhabited by imazighen until in 1969, Kaddafi overthrew the government of King Idris they all moved to Zwara leaving their island in the hands of corrupters.

[4] From media to hug telecom industrial, business centers, NGOs ...etc to the National Security Council it is all ruled and owned by Kaddafi’s sons.

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