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Movement for autonomy of Kabylia -The Police Of Zerhouni

MAK (Movement for autonomy of Kabylia*) Release
- The Police Of Zerhouni
Thursday 9 October 2008, by Zorro

On Monday, September 22 nd, 2008, the Algerian police department has made a raid into a library in Tizi Wuzu where members of World Amazigh Congress (CMA) were holding a press coference .An ardent and arrogant police chief with his escort have conducted a raid of shame, he stood up in the middle of the place and ordered the Moroccans Amazigh among the Kabylians to follow him to the police building without any given explanation.

Instead of conducting their swoop operations on the offenders that plunder the city and commit their crimes in a daytime, instead of enforcing the law against the illegal trades everywhere on the pedestrian sidewalks throughout the city; instead of working or elaborating an advanced plan against suicide bombers attacks, the Algerian police has its focus on an international non governmental organization members that are legally in the country.

Their aim is clear, in acting that way, the Algerian authorities unsuccessfully want to show a powerless kabylia to any foreigner who, by his/her visits expresses his/her sympathy to that tormented and suffering region, as the members of the World Amazigh Congress quickly understood the government intentions and willing to come back as many times as required.

Concerning the antiterrorism defensive measures, the police show a suspicious inactivity, to give an example, on June 6, 2008 around 6:30 pm that means in daytime, terrorists have been firing on the police building for 30 min (in a village called Ath- Wassif in kabylia) and the members of the police force preferred to hide inside . Results: one civilian injured. The local population, for a longtime witnessing civilians assassinations and an overbearing pride from the Islamic terrorism, hoped to feel safer after the recent settlement of the new police force, sooner the hope has turned into illusion, when the village residents noticed that their safety is not a priority for the interior minister Yazid Zerhouni.

The Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia (MAK), without interfering in the internal divergences of the pattern, expresses its full sympathy to the World Amazigh Congress members and its entire availability to contribute with all its resources and forces to ensure better and safer conditions for a healthy progress of this international NGO (Non governmental organization) that shares some of MAK objectives. This government isolation and humiliation of Kabylia reinforces the firmness of the MAK to work hard more than ever in order to make kabylia a home of freedom, democracy, secularism, fraternity and sympathy.

September 23, 2008

For the MAK, chairman


Translated from French by L.F Aksel Source kabylia
* Kabylia
Arabic: qabīla
Berber: Tamurt Idurar
Other spellings: Kabylie; The Kabyle
Mountain area in northeastern Algeria, principally along the coast, between the capital Algiers and Bejaïa, equalling a stretch of about 200 km.The Kabylia stretches from the coast to the hinterland of about 125 km inland from the Mediterranean Sea. Normally the Kabylia is divided into two areas, the Djurdjura or Jurjura, or the Larger Kabylias, to the west; and the Small Kabylia to the east. The mountains of the Larger Kabylias reach summits of 2,000 metres, while the highest summits of the Small Kabylia reach about 1,200 metres.The terrain of the Kabylias is one of the wildest of North Africa, with rugged mountains, and isolated valleys. Through large parts of the year, many areas are inaccessible because of snowfall and rain.The isolation of Kabylia has given birth to a strong independent cultural feeling, where the Berber people of the region do not speak Arabic, but a Berber dialect named Kabyle. And it is French that is their second language.

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