Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The kabyle people: a blind colonized

by Zorro

The kabyle people is not aware that it is colonized because this colonization is pernicious, insidious and takes a legal and legitimate forme. The kabyle people believes it suffers simply an injustice on the part of his rulers. Kabylia harbours no Arab-Muslim owners or no military troops patrolling streets and villages. The only form of colonization that the Kabyle recognize is similar to the French colonization. Kabylia does not interests Arab-Muslims for two reasons. The first is that it is a barren land where we must work hard to expect to pull something. The terrain is not suitable for Arab-Muslim lifestyle. That’s precisely why they had abandoned Kabylia to all the rebels, the never submitted, the protesters of any time to seek refuge there.

It was a place of revilement of all those who refused the Arab-Califal order. The Aurès of Chawi had the same status and as well for the Tuaregs in the end funds Sahara, as well as the Mozabits at the desert doors. One can say that these places were and are always sorts of open-air areas prisons in which Cultural prisoners never have been free to live their culture and their language in a proud and flourishing way. The detained are subject to rules laid down by guards outside the prison world. Only a few guard posts are scattered here and there to ensure that the Rules of Procedure of this huge prison is respected. these guard posts are Wilaya seats, seats of daira, gendarmerie posts, barracks, courts, schools, mosques and so on … None of these guard posts is democratically administered by Kabyles, nor in the interest of Kabyles.

Moreover, the population is exclusively kabyle and nobody has challenged their property, their intra-mural language, their circumscribed culture. It’s like in a real prison where “residents” are doing their small business, creating a language, practices, behaviors that guards and the administration did not acknowledge but punish some times when the authority of the prison institution is threatened. It is therefore no direct colonization such as France had done. It is a physical and moral encirclement. The Arab-Islamism is working to “contain” the Kabyles in Kabylia and to keep them under its authority.

This remote colonization has lasted so long that the kabyle collective memory eventually find it normal. With the FFS, the RCD and Arouche, Kabyle believes that this kabyle prison extends even throughout Algeria. This is why they are demanding democracy, and therefore freedom, for all algerians. The algerians laugh at their noses and Arab-Muslim elites are offended that sub-citizens (Kabyles) are demanding freedom for citizens (Algerians) who have always been free to be what they want, to live their culture, promote and develop their language, practice and impose their religion … It’s like a the series STALAG 13, where a band of American officers prisoners of the Germans in 1943, intend to help the German people to get rid of the Nazis who were elected democratically.

It’s funny! The Algerian administration controling the Amazigh and the kabylity prisons offers only two alternatives to the Kabyles:

The first to leave their region in a mass but gradual exodus to merge individually in the Algerian Arab-Muslim mass, without organized communities everywhere. I worked in a few Algerian cities and I noticed that all Kabyle I knew got their homes much faster than the Arab residents of these cities. Let them acculturate themselves in the Arab-Islamic social game (friends, mosques, talking, parties, language, local expressions etc. …..)

The second alternative is that the Kabyles allow to Arab-Islamize themselves on the spot to come into harmony with the local guard posts. In a way, cultural prisoners must redeem and arabize themselves so their goalkeeper does no appear anymore as guardians imposing regulation (laws, customs). Thus the prisons opens and the Arab-Muslim can come from outside, move, blend into the crowd now totally arabized and islamized, purchase goods, funds commerce, buildings, land and so on. .. This is a release by mutation. It eliminates the socio-cultural problem specific to kabylia and there will be no problem.

The Algerian regime is moving towards one of these solutions, or both together. The Kabyle have not yet understood and persist to behave as cultural inmates demanding better life conditions in prison. The Kabyles believe that the maximum Arab-Islamism can do is to surround the Kabylity in order to not let it spread. But the Arab-Islamism wants more: delete kabylity in a very short term because the number of Kabyles discovering their situation is growing more and more. The more the Algerian regime arabize the Kabyles, the more the Kabyles who refuse arabization become effective, strong, determined, resilient and ready to act.

Arilès Translation: Jugurten

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