Saturday, March 29, 2008

god or idol

allah is an idol, set before the deity of Israel and contrived by its inventor mohammed to be the last.

purloining the characteristic of the deity of Israel, mohammed fashioned his idol as an invisible one, but as his own alter-ego. he, mohammed, declared that his idol was the final deity for mohammedans (his followers) and for all humanity that he, mohammed, declared had to be conquered to bow down before this idol he had fashioned.

it is satifying, for an ego-maniac, to construct an idol of the mind and have it allow you every desire that enters your mind--no matter how at odds with the "morality" that you devise to control your followers (dupes). But that is what the wily mohammed did.

finding that he, as the only interlocutor between the unseen idol and the rest of humanity, could allow himself such "pleasure" (to him) as sex with a nine-year-old child, taking any woman that attracted him any way that he saw fit, etc. ad nauseam.

he, mohammed, thought that he had circumvented the command not to worship idols by making his idol exist only in the mind--his mind. cleverly, he believed that no one would be the wiser, and that he could have his idol, that he dubbed with an older name of an older god representing a heavenly body, could be merged by him with the deity of Israel.

whenever there was opposition to this substitution, the resort was the sword. violence was the answer to critique, to doubt, to opposition. and so it is to this day. the followers of the cunning charlatan of makkah answer any criticism with violence.

Geert Wilders has shown this very well (in his film Fitna ). but no matter how mohammedans rage, they worship an idol created by a man, an evil, immoral man, who brought more pain and suffering into this world--for his followers as well as for those who oppose them than he ever could have imagined. or perhaps he did, this perverted, evil, mentally impaired megalomaniac of the arabian desert.

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